End homelessness with tiny homes

With homelessness across our nation, something must be done. Shipping containers and tiny homes is the answer.

Each container home can be customized based on individual needs.

Imagine a community of tiny homes sheltering the homeless? If we could get habit for humanity to beging the project it wouldn’t take long to make it happen.
All their homes are insulated and include AC and heating units, plumbing, and wiring. Also, each home is equipped for hookup up to city drainage or to grey water and blackwater tanks for off grid living. 20 foot single container homes start at a shipping container. In some e you could set it on a foundation.

Ol school buses can be converted into a tiny home.

If you are at all interested in alternative dwellings, you know how popular shipping container homes are now. Shipping containers make great building blocks for homes, for sure, and they have become an unlikely go-to for a huge variety of applications in recent years.

From off grid cabins to swimming pools, underground shelters to portable cafes, and luxury designer homes to vertical urban gardens, their time in the spotlight has resulted in endless unique container creations.

Solar/wind can provide electricity. Add a rocket mass stove for heating. This would truly be living off grid.

rocket mass stove


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